Book reviews are my hobby, writing is my thing. I am a stay at home mom to 4 wonderful children. I stepped away for a while but now I am coming back! I will be moving this blog from book reviews into showing my own work and I am excited for it!


9 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi,

    This is Paul Miller.
    I finished my second book, “The Messenger 2:Purgatory and Beyond”
    Before I submit it to the onlinebookclub for review, is there some way that I can request for you to write the review.
    I am asking this, not because you gave the first book a good review, but because you did read the first book. You may not like the second book at all.
    I would like to submit it tomorrow, 7/11/14, but I don’t want someone reviewing this book that didn’t read the first book.

    Thank you,
    Paul Miller

    1. Hey Paul Miller. Sorry I am jus receiving your message. It didn’t come through my email like it would normally. If you would like I would be more than happy to read it and write up a review for you!

      Best wishes,

  2. Hi TrishAann,
    What I was wondering if I submit my manuscript to onlinebookclub is there a way that I can request that you do the review since you are the only one that read the first book. I will submit it today.
    Thank you,
    Paul Miller

    1. I am not sure about that. I would pm Scott and ask him about it though. I have the review page with the books up as I am not reviewing a book currently so if anything I can do my best to keep an eye out for it.

      You are welcome,

  3. Hi Trisha,
    This is Paul Miller the author of the Messenger Books.
    I have a new book coming out next week, and was wondering if you could do the review on the onlinebookclub website when I submit it?
    This is a break from the Messenger books, which I am still working on.
    The name of the book is, “Rock Star – Almost.”
    I know you had to check with Scott last time, and I really appreciate your comments on the books.
    Paul Miller

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