A little bit about myself

Hello Fellow Book Lovers!

My name is Trisha and I absolutely love to read, I love to discuss what I read and I love to write reviews about what I read! This year, I decided I would start a blog to talk about the books that I read and keep track of my goal for books read in 2014.

I have had family tell me I needed to start blogging about what I read and share my opinion with everybody else but I had never listened.I already read and write book reviews on onlinebookclub.org,  but I decided I would give this blogging a try and see how it went.

From the young age of about seven, I fell in love with reading. Which was odd, considering I had such a hard time starting out.  From then on, as my family and myself pushed to improve my reading, I grew more and more attached to the art of becoming consumed by a book.  I was thrilled with the thought of becoming lost in a book and as I got older, and my genre of books expanded that thrill grew. Now at the age of 21, I am now an avid reader of all types of books!


If you have a book you like reviewed feel free to email me at trisha.cepeda2010@gmail.com!


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