Sinister by Lisa Jackson, Nancy Bush, Rosalind Noonan

Sinister, “The Scariest Novel of the Year!”

Let me start off with saying, suspenseful maybe, scary definitely not. Huge disappointment in my opinion. I bought the book looking forward to being on the edge of my seat the whole duration of the story unable to put the book down but that is not what I got. The story is more a romance with a murder mystery twist than the other way around. The sex scenes of the story were modest, however the romances of the story over powered any suspense in the story and killed any chance of it being scary.

Now, with that out of the way. It was well written and I did for the most part enjoy the romances. It wasn’t page turning can’t put the book down worthy but it did hold my attention. This was my first time reading any piece by these three authors. Lisa Jackson who wrote part one, I thought was good. It was well written and the characters were well developed throughout the whole story.

However, halfway through I did become bored and I began having to force myself to read. There would be something exciting and then it would just dissipate as quickly as it arose. Just enough to keep you reading, waiting for the next exciting, hopefully more fulfilling event.


I most likely won’t be picking this book up again for reading, it was an okay read I thought, but with the expectations a “Scariest Novel of the Year” creates, it was rather disappointing.  I would recommend this more for my fellow romance lovers than I would the suspense/thriller/murder mystery folks out there.


Happy Reading!



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