Still Missing by Chevy Stevens

Still Missing is Chevy Stevens’s first novel and I must say it was an awesome first. I was glued to the book every time I sat down to read. It had the perfect amount of suspense and the characters were easily relate-able playing on reader’s own fears. Chevy tells two stories here, twisting them together, Annie seeing her shrink and telling her the story of what happened up til the present and it played out really well.

The main character, Annie, is abducted and forced to spend a year in a cabin, rarely seeing the sun shine, with her abductor, her raper and the father of her child. One can only imagine how something like that would feel. to lose total control of your life and be at the mercy of another being who could decide your life should end at any moment. Annie endured so much during that time from beatings, to a nightly raping, all the way to every little thing being on a schedule. Finally, as the story begins to become one story of Annie dealing with her past, her time concludes with “The Freak” as she called him, when he lets out to help him and she has the perfect opportunity to escape.

The story after her abduction is riveting and keeps the reader wondering why she would have been targeted and the reveal is shocking! I won’t give any details away! You will just have to read the story! I will definitely be reading more from Chevy Steven’s as she releases new books!

Happy Reading Everybody!


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