The Marriage Councelor’s Secret Life by Kevin Allen

Well, I must say I was intrigued when I read the synopsis but boy was I let down!

Evan, the main character is married to a woman that would rather whore around than be with her husband and gets mad when he tries to seek attention from her. Eventually in his desperation after meeting a woman that was willing to give him that attention an affair springs up that changes him. All this sets a course where his wife Luan, realizes she loves him with all of her being and wants to be his everything.

As the story winds down, Evan goes to Utah with Linda (the other woman) and marries her. He now has two wives and neither one of them is willing to let him go. Linda confronts Luan and demands that she leave them alone only to spark a war to see who the (excuse my french) bigger bitch is.

One problem. Linda has a three year old son. Luan and Linda decide they are all going to live under one roof, hence, dragging her son into what could be a scarring situation for him.

Now I enjoyed the plot, the little boy was my favorite. He could really bring a smile to the reader’s face. However the editing was poor and there was incorrect use of words throughout the story. Let me not forget the flaws. They were married for four years then it was six, which it remained consistent, then became eight went back to six then briefly went back to four-five years. I’m sure you can see where that could get annoying.

Now while I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this story as I found the erotica overshadowed anything and made it seem distasteful to me, others may or may not agree, that is up to you. I am curious about the next book, so we shall see!

Happy Reading Everybody!


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