The Businessman’s Tie by Deena Ward Pt.1 of The Power to Please

I was a little unsure of whether or not I truly wanted to read this book when I heard about it and honestly I thought about not finishing the story several times while reading it.

The Businessman’s Tie begins with the main character, Nonnie, gets her first experience of BDSM in a dark hallway in a bar. From there she becomes curious and eventually with a new found friend finds herself in a sex club that specializes in BDSM. Her curiosity gets the better of her and she becomes a wiling participant in discovering what it is she likes. When it comes to two men, she is torn between offers and with the help of one of her new friends decides to walk a “dangerous” line between choosing one or the other and taking both. Each have the pro’s and cons as Dominants, one seeking pleasure through her pleasure the other seeking his own pleasure while torturing her with promises of pleasure unfulfilled.

I still have mixed feelings about this story. I have ventured into some of the BDSM novels out there, however I feel like this one was a little too much for me. Definitely not something I really enjoyed reading. With that being said, as this book does have books following it, I decided not to venture into the other books as it was a turn off for me in the reading world. If you can easily get through this book then yes I would recommend moving onto the other books otherwise I would just steer clear of this book as well.

If you are into BDSM then this book is totally for you! And I hope you enjoy it! If you aren’t very familiar with it and are curious, by all means check it out!

Happy Reading!


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