Torture to Her Soul by J.M. Darhower

Torture to Her Soul by J.M. Darhower is a story about seeing somebody for what they really are with all the good and the bad. This is the second book in the series Monster in His Eyes. The first story was told from Karissa’s point of view while this one is told from Ignazio Vitale’s point of view.

Ignazio “Naz” is a very bad man, a monster who lurks in the shadows killing any one that gets in his way or his ‘boss’s’ way. In the story he does what he believes he should. Seek retribution for his lost love and her father, only one of the family member’s that he is supposed to kill, sees right through him and together they embark on a rocky journey to discover what they have together. Built on hate, one wants to get away, the other can’t let go and in the end, despite events that any sane person would deem unforgivable, they come out stronger and more in love.

I didn’t think this story was as captivating as the first one. Through certain parts of the story I felt like it dragged. Not saying that it knocked the story down, it was good in it’s own complex way but the first one was more action oriented. This story had more in depth problems. The characters continued to develop into their love struck fools and Ignazio supposedly gives up his ‘career’ for a new beginning. However, as the story comes to a close, it appears he is still doing what he was doing but it is indirect and leaves the reader wondering.

As this is the last book in a two part series, I felt it let a little to be desired. I was left wondering why does Naz continue disappearing at night and still following the same patterns he did as a killer. Is he still doing it and trying to hide it from Karissa so as not to involve her anymore? Or do old habits just really die hard? I want to know more about how they grow and develop as a couple since they have over come the conflict of things Naz has done?

With that being said I would recommend this to romance novel readers and form your own opinions. I would love to hear what you thought about it if you have read it?

As always Happy Reading!


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