Prophase: A Present Tale by M. Street

A story about a typical teenage girl. Young love, finding oneself and trying to imagine what the future will hold. Only Piper, she is about to discover she has a whole lot of self discovery left to go, hundreds of years of it! From discovering that she can do weird magical things to realizing her mom is alive to finding her soul mate, M. Street takes her on one heck of a journey infused with excitement and danger.

The story was a bit slow taking off but the characters, as many as there are, were very well developed. I would have to say Esther, Piper’s mom, was my favorite. She was described as a sweet old lady in the beginning but as Piper’s story unfolds so does Esther’s character. The most unlikable character for me was Chris. Piper’s ex-boyfriend, he was your typical high school jerk wanting “space” but then seeing Piper transform as her powers blossomed, she became something he had to have. A prize, a possession if you will.

As Piper’s story continues to unravel, she meets more people of her kind and embraces everything that is thrown at her, Her world is a world aligned with nature, There was so much going on once the story picked up it was hard to stop reading. Especially when Piper meets somebody that she just can’t seem to keep her eyes off of. Dev, a supposed college student, has Piper’s heart beating fast and all high school love is out the window. However, Dev is not who he says he is and i don’t want to give it away because it is the best part, in my opinion but the twist is good! I promise!

All of this gives Piper’s home life a boost, an abusive father and a brother who she loves dearly and only wants to protect find themselves on the back burner as Piper is over come with wanting to completely immerse herself into the world she was meant to be in. As she comes into her gifts Piper tries to protect her brother more from her father and in the end she has to protect them both or risk losing them.

This is a book I would happily read again and again. I recommend it to all science-fiction lovers out there as this was a well put together novel. Especially with it’s connection to science and spirituality. And honestly I am kind of hoping they make a movie out of this as I think all the special effects that would be involved would just be amazing!

This is the first installment of The Mitosis Series and I can not wait to read the second installment!

As always Happy Reading!!


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