The Sins of a Few by Sarah Ballance

The Sins of a Few is a historical romance about a man that decides to make a life for himself even if it means walking away from his family, a woman that endures a great loss along side her fellow Salem residents at the expense of this man’s family. Witch trials. Nathanial Abbot leaves Salem to continue his schooling and making a name for himself against the wishes of his father. When he comes back to Salem, he is met with a great loss and fear that hangs over the colony and wariness that comes along with his name.

His family at the encouragement of elders, caused the deaths of many within the colony and left many in fear and hostile towards any member of the family even if they were unaware of what was taking place. When he learns somebody close to him was among those killed instead of seeking out his family as anybody who had gone awhile without seeing them would, he sought out the relatives of the one he lost. Bringing back light to what was broken, he sets out to try and right the wrong his family has done while trying to win over the woman who has his heart.

However there are those in the town that would love to see Nathanial and Faith’s relationship destroyed with his need to travel. They prove stronger than any other and in the end everything for them is as should be.

I have honestly become a fan of historical romance there is something about it that contemporary just seems to lack. While I can’t put my name on what that is exactly, I am sure I’ll be able to put it into words eventually. This was an easy read and very hard to put down. I read it in a day and a half. I would like to say though that out of the Entangled books I have read this book doesn’t exactly rank high on my list. I like action, fast paced more of a fight for love and for me this telling of two people well four if you count the love Faith’s mother finds with an old friend, it was just over too fast. I would have loved to read more. That being said, the plot was well developed and it all fell together really well.

I would recommend this book among checking out other of the entangled books.

As always Happy Reading!


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