A Dream I had….

                        Sickness overtook the land, all across the globe the death  toll was rising by the millions, maybe even billions each day. Quickly all news of the virus diminished as the people perished. It became a fight for survival, groups of those left untouched forming along with a deep mistrust that the person next to you was infected, fear that you would be the next to fall.  All we knew was that what we thought couldn’t happen…did. The dead wasn’t really dead.

                        It was complete and utter chaos in the beginning, as the first of those infected emerged. Taking the towns and cities by storm, panic ensued and made those not infected, do crazy and unspeakable things. They were killing each other! Those that died by the hand of their fellow non-infected men and women, did not rise as one of the infected. No, for that to happen they had to die by the hands or  mouths or other body parts of those that were infected. Bodily fluids were the key.

**Dreams are an interesting way for the imagination to play I think.** (No I have not watched any zombie movies or T.V. shows lately, my subconscious just likes to play per say. 🙂 )


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