The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

I decided to kick the new year off with a novel turned movie, The Fault in Our Stars! I watched the movie before I had the pleasure of reading the novel and I am actually glad that I watched the movie first and here is why…I was able to picture the actors in the novel and with the exception of Mr. Van Houten, the characters fit really well. I say Mr. Van Houten was an exception because in the book he is portrayed as a rather large man, in the movie he is not. The movie actors matching really well with the novel made reading it that much more interesting I think.

I flew through the book within a matter of days, it would have been done sooner if not for having children to run after and house work to maintain. After reading this book, which left me very much teary eyed. (I think it’s harder to portray the emotions needed in a book than in a movie), I looked at all 3 of my children and just prayed that they would never be faced with an ordeal like that. Cancer is in the family so it is always a concern for me.

I know this review is on the disorganized side but it is morning and my coffee has been given over to the coffee table to please bear with me! I’m sure everybody has probably at least seen the movie by now or read the book. For those that have not this story is about a teenage girl that is terminally ill, trying to go about her life as normal as possible attached to an oxygen tank, she meets a boy who quickly becomes her first real love. With him, her life picks up from her boring everyday routine to experiencing something new. Only it slowly comes to an end when her boyfriend, who was in remission, experiences a relapse that leaves him, also terminally ill. The end is bitter sweet and promises to leave you in a “puddle of tears” to quote Hazel at the end.

I highly recommend this book to everybody as it truly is great. I will most likely be reading it again.

HAPPY READING! And I hope everybody had a wonderful New Years!


10 thoughts on “The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

      1. That is why I watched it the second time when Abe was at work that way he couldn’t laugh at me for crying! He came home right as it was ending and was like “really? really?…did you cry?” lol

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