The Crossfire Series by Sylvia Day

Ever read a book or series the first time and absolutely love it but read it again and find it more eye rolling than anything? That was my experience with the first three books of The Crossfire Series. I enjoyed reading them the first go round but found some of the parts more ludicrous this time but maybe that’s because there are so many books depicting a gorgeous, powerful sex god with a dark past in most of them.

Anyways, I read the series in less than a week so at least it didn’t lack holding my attention even if I rolled my eyes….a lot! The fourth book, however, was good. It is Sylvia Day’s most recent Crossfire Series book and I could not wait to read it. In fact, I started reading it yesterday morning and finished reading it late afternoon.

The fourth book puts a little twist on the series as we are given a glimpse into Gideon Cross’s point of view along side Eva’s. More challenge’s come their way and of course they fight and go through the motions that have taken place through out the first three books. I won’t go into it too much since I was speaking on the Series in general but since it is a new book in the series I wanted to touch on it a little more. I would recommend it. The way the book ended with a cliffhanger was good, I think she played that really well compared to some others that have ended books that way but it was also very subtle. She gave some hints as to what could possibly be expected in the fifth book which has yet to be given a release date! But left it well enough not to drive the reader insane with waiting for the fifth and final book to be released. That’s me though…I know there will be some that will be jumping up and down and holding their breath waiting for the announcement of the fifth novel. I definitely recommend this series, however, I do not recommend rereading it if you find the erotic parts and the men to be a little repetitive. I am subtly excited for the last novel! Happy Reading!


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