Afterburn and Aftershock by Sylvia Day

I read both of these books yesterday, it went pretty quickly being as they are both novellas and they held my attention pretty well. I don’t really have a lot to say about these stories except that I thought the story line was refreshing in the respect that it wasn’t the typical girl with a bad past, guy with a bad past. Instead, it was two lovers who found each other only to walk out and wait two years before making a go of it again. And it’s all because the guy made choices he didn’t think he could take back. But in the end, when you truly love somebody you can do anything even if it means turning everybody else’s lives inside out.

I would definitely recommend the books, as it kept the reader entertained with the back and forth between all of the characters, there wasn’t a character in the books that I could say I felt like I didn’t know. I will say this though, through the second book I kept thinking of how it could have been a full on book and the paths it could have taken. Although I think being as short as they were, it was perfect. Short and to the point anything else would have just been a dramatization of what was already taking place.  The end gave enough away about the end that the reader had closure and could imagine, without going crazy with speculation, how Jax and Gianna lived the lives after everything was settled.

Over all very good books!

Happy Reading!


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