The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon Review #2

Sorry for disappearing yet again! The last 2-3 weeks I have been sick with the flu and then a nasty head cold that I just can’t  seem to kick!

Anyways I have been buried up to my ears in books and for the most part none of them really struck me as worth writing about.

However, I did read The Bone Season for the second time and it was just as good as the first. Usually reading a traditional, physical copy of the book takes me longer than an ebook only because I can’t always sit down and get lost in it like I can an ebook. 🙂 I got throught a physical copy in TWO days!!!

For those that haven’t read the book yet. It is about a girl who is violently brought into the world of “unnaturalness”. Meaning she can experience things normal human beings can’t. And it’s people like her that the “naturals” were taught to fear. Well, working as a criminal to avoid exposure and then possibly death, Paige is what they consider a precious jewel…her gift is one that is rare and treasured by the Lord’s of the crime world. When she looses control of her gift in a moment of fear her world gets quickly turned inside out as she is taken to a place that nobody knew existed.

As the story unravels and we get to delve deeper into this fantastically spun world, we get to know Paige, the Warden and all surrounding characters better. I was particularly interested in The Warden and his story, being a beaten down hero.

I read a lot of reviews complaining about information dropping, and I have to disagree. Looking at the bigger picture as a whole and it’s even explained at one point. The Warden is making her see her memories so he can understand her better. Leading up to the end of the story when it all comes together.

I ultimately enjoyed this book, I read it twice and would happily read it again. I encourage anybody who hasn’t read it to check it out! I have yet to purchase the second book and I can not wait to do so! I’m thrilled that it is available now and can’t wait to read it! For now I will settle with reading Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn and you can be sure to expect a review on that as well!

If there is any books you would like to see me reviewed let me know!

Happy Reading!


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