Have You Ever…

Have you ever read so much of a genre that it becomes practically impossible to read? Yes…No….Maybe? I have and I hate it. I am reading a book in the infamous romance genre and I feel like I am wading through mud.

Lately the novels, I have been picking up all have the same basic plot line, hence the lack of book reviews. It’s all boy sees girl, girl sees boy, they have a hot steamy night, followed by something happening to draw them apart, one wants to fix it, the other doesn’t, someone intervenes and then they make up in a hot steamy make up, proclaiming their love for each other…the end.

Granted, the first three I got through very quickly. Three books in two days to be exact. However, after that it started to get harder and harder to push through the books and now I am pretty much at a stand still. So, I need help. I need recommendations of some books, preferably not romance. ( It can be another genre with a romantic twist) to reignite my flame. šŸ˜‰ I am working on Gone Girl but I stopped reading that when I stopped the other book to try and push through said other book.

I don’t like to not finish reading a book, but sadly I am contemplating tossing said book.

Happy Reading Everybody!


4 thoughts on “Have You Ever…

  1. Gone girl is really good. I loved the book and loved the movie also.
    If I Stay is a great book took. It’s romantic but there’s a different storyline in there.
    Hmmmmm, Oh yeah – My Husband’s Secret is a great read šŸ™‚ A compilation of different stories in one novel all coming together in a cool twist!

    1. I was starting Gone Girl but I’ll probably put it off until I finish the copy editing job. I really want to read If I Stay, I absolutely loved the move. And My Husband’s Secret sounds really good!! šŸ™‚

  2. Everlene’s Sky by Michael Russo is a wonderful read and based on a local lady who is in fact in a nursing home in VA. I am friends with one of her grand-daughter’s and it is truly an inspiring book!

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