Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

I just finished reading Gone Girl, it was okay, not my favorite read but it was okay. I really wanted to love this book, I dove into thinking ‘this book is gonna be great’, while it was really well put together, I liked it but I didn’t love it and it isn’t making my reread list.

Now I’m sure most everybody has probably seen the movie or read the book. But for those that haven’t it is a mystery/thriller about a sociopathic woman named Amy, that deliberately ad perfectly sets her husband up for her murder. When plans change she kills an old friend and goes back home confident she will never be found out. Even Nick, her husband caves to her wishes in the end. Which kind of ticked me off, I would have loved to see him come out on top. However, he does not and he contents himself to pretending to be her match and in turn finds himself becoming as crazy as she is, which can’t be good for their unborn child.

The characters in this book are well formed, particularly Amy and Nick, the main characters. Witty, quick, and very smart (Amy at least) Boney was my favorite, she could see underneath all the pretty wrappings of Amy well said lies.

I actually think on this book-movie case, I prefer the movie, it was more to the point I think While I felt the detail in the book was dragged out.

I would recommend this book, it was a good read, it was just one of those books that didn’t hold my attention very well. I trudged through it. But if you have read it or are going to read I feel free to share your thoughts!

Happy reading!


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