A Mammoth Problem by Rob Dew

A Mammoth Problem by Rob Dew is a YA novel. It had been awhile since I delved into a YA novel of this type. It is geared towards the younger spectrum of YA books, if I had an 8 year old, they could probably read it. It was fast paced, and easy to read. It is chock full of dry humor to the point that some of the dialogue is just bizarre. But it will definitely make you smile.

The story starts off with a boys mother mistakenly fostering an alien. It is painstakingly obvious that the boy is not really a boy in the very beginning. It does not take long for the adventure to start when the boys house is broken into and then off he goes with the alien on a crazy adventure to get to his spaceship and to try and stop the aliens from creating another Ice Age and leaving a surprise…I’m sure you can guess what that surprise is from the title. Of course, the boy (Eric) and his alien friend (Donnington Speen) are able to save the day and all ends well.

The characters in the story were very well developed. It was very easy to relate to them and even feel like they were real. Kind of like, watching a movie. My favorite was the mother because she was like a doormat and as much as I felt bad for her in the beginning it was fun watching her go through her own little adventure and seeing her grow. She went from never complaining to fighting for her life and chasing after her son.

In the end we see growth from not only the mother but also Eric. Once Donnington Speen leaves to go and check the temperature of another planet, Eric’s mom decides she wants to travel somewhere, and Eric is happy to tag along. I mention this because in the beginning they both suffer from the loss of a loved one and it impacts both their lives to some degree so through the story they are both forced to deal with some of those fears and in the end they come out a new person wanting to take on a new adventure.

I would highly recommend this book to all the Young Adult readers out there. it was fun, witty and fast paced and sure to keep a child’s attention along with an adult readers attention.

Happy Reading!


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