The Message? By Avam Hale

The Message? A Thinking Thriller About Change And Choice is an interesting read to say the least. The characters are great, Dr. Marcus and Professor Bradshaw we’re my favorites from the start. The story line was also a good one.

However, I wouldn’t not call it a thriller. It just wasn’t at that level for me. Did it make me think yes but it wasn’t an “Oh My Gosh! What if this, What if that?” for me. Not saying it wasn’t a good book but I found that feeling came from books that didn’t classify themselves as a thriller on any level. These books were both The Messenger books by Paul Miller and The Shack by William P. Young.

Now this story is about a woman this is in an automotive accident that leaves her in a coma. Shortly after her coma she miraculously wakes from her coma with an important message. God Loves Us. From  the time she wakes up to the end of the story is about her getting her story out, fighting for her life, loss, and ultimately love. Yes there is romance in this story and I will say that threw me for a loop because I didn’t expect it. That did make me stop for a minute and think…I knew it! As word of Leah’s miraculous recovery spreads with her message, society erupts into chaos both in support of her and against her.

All while this is taking place, we also read from Professor Bradshaw’s point on view in his classroom talking Philosophy with his students. He puts a philosophical spin on Leah Warner’s message while also talking about all the philosophers that hold relevance to the situation.

The end of the story, I could say I also didn’t expect. In the end, it is all wrapped up quickly and very well I might add. Love blossoms between the characters, and Leah’s message is out and things go back to normal to a degree ( obviously things will never be just as they were). I would recommend this book as it was a good read and of course everybody’s opinion will differ to an extent. I rate this book by Avam Hale a 3 out of 4 stars!

Happy Reading! 🙂 🙂


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