Celtic Viking book 1 by Lexi Timms

Let me start with saying this: Not at all what I expected! This novella is about a Viking Prince that is fighting for what is people want; land. The people they are ruthlessly taking this land from fight back no matter how meager their skills are compared to the vikings. On the other side of the vikings is a fiery red head trying to help take care of her father as her brother takes off to fight for what is rightfully theirs.

Now here is why I say this was not what I expected. First off I wasn’t expecting it to be a novella but a full written hot and steamy forbidden love affair between Prince Erik and the fiery red head Linzy. That, however, was not the case and with it being roughly 24 hours since I finished it, I am still not sure of how I feel about it.

It started out strong and then was over and I sat there with my mouth open thinking where is the rest of the story? I went back and read the reviews on it and that seems to be the biggest problem. I’m not even sure if novella would be the right term for this but I will say, I do feel jipped and if I am being completely honest i am not sure if I want to pay 2.99 each for any of the other books in this serious.

I may purchase the books just to follow through as a reviewer but that will be it. If you have read the book I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions! If not I would and would not recommend it. If you are looking for a hot steamy highlander/viking romance skip it because you will not find romance in this book. If you are just looking for a quick read and it appeals to you then go for it!

Because of the way it ended I would have to rate this book a 2 out of 4 stars. 

And as always….Happy Reading! 🙂


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