The Beauty Series (1-4 and the Epilogue) by Skye Warren

Before I start on this review, I know I have been MIA for a long while. I have been in lots of pain, visited the hospital twice in a week and found out I need to have surgery which isn’t happening until next month. The reason for this is Dr.’s believe the reason I am in so much pain is endometriosis and I have a cyst on my right ovary. So I’ve been doing lots of reading but not much writing. I will try to be on more but I can’t promise it’ll be much. At the moment I am tackling a book with a collection of 3 books by Thomas Hardy! It’s slow going but very interesting…so anyways hope everybody is well and onto the books that I feel the need to write about.

(I will review and rate them over all instead of individually.)

So each installment is short and sweet. It took me less than a day to read each individually and about two of them I managed to finish in one day. So it’s a quick read all together.

Erin, a young woman trying to put herself through a school surrounded by rich and entitled folk, finds herself working for a man that she comes to care for deeply.  Her mom cleans houses for a living and Erin finds herself doing the same thing in order to take care of herself and making sure she gets to graduate and make something for herself.

Blake, a recluse, has hired Erin to help keep his house clean. He doesn’t go out into the real world because to the damage caused from serving his country in the army. When Blake meets Erin, their employer/employee relationship quickly escalated. But both have a long way to go with their self doubts. Erin, believing she is below him because of her financial status. Blake believing he isn’t good enough because of what was done to him.

Both, after engaging in a relationship that would irrevocably change them, set out to become better. Blake reenters society and Erin stands up for herself. Through each other they grow and become better. Through each installment they are faced with their troubles but always manage to overcome them; from ex-lovers to parents, to shameful pasts, Blake and Erin overcome and find their happily ever after.

Now I did have some issues with the series. Grammatical errors for instance. They were not horrible but enough to confuse the reader. Also, I kept waiting for Erin to become pregnant because one erotic scene they had protection and the next several were unsafe and then they were being safe again. It may not be a big deal but it confused me and kind of left me disappointed because I think it would have been a good twist to the Erin and Blake story.

Now I rate The Beauty Series and the Epilogue a 3 out of 4 stars because I felt it was good not great. Would I reread them? Yeah if I couldn’t find anything else to read. Forgettable/Memorable? We’ll see in a few months.  I would recommend the books to my fellow romance lovers however because it is a pretty good read even if a little confusing and disappointing but with that in mind is just my opinion others may not feel the same way.

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