Eternal Darkness by Stacy Reid

Yet another hot and steamy romance by Stacy! I preordered this novel as well as received an ARC in return for an honest review. This is the first book in a series.

A princess betrothed, trying to escape out of an unwanted marriage in hopes of saving her people, escapes out of her kingdom only to be met with attack after attack. Being forced to seek refuge in a kingdom loathed by every kingdom around it, Princess Saieke plunges herself into the darkness of the Darkan Realm.

Drac, her would be rescuer, strikes a deal with Princess Saieke, for his kingdom in return for protecting her. Only she doesn’t have just the outside Realms to worry about, Darkans on the inside are hostile towards her as well. Spending time in this darkest of dark kingdoms Saieke meets the hostility head on and shows that not everybody is afraid of the Darkans and what they can do.

In fact, what starts out as simple seducing turns into something much darker to her, something she swore she’d never feel. Love. Drac and Saieke feel drawn to each other and soon both realize the power of what is taking place. Something that can never be undone and brings out the worst in Drac should she ever be harmed.

When Saieke is forced to finally return to her Kingdom, her parents are horrified to find she is no longer eligible to marry the man they have promised her to. Rage fills the king and her people along with her betrothed people find out just how dangerous hurting her really is.

I enjoyed this story immensely but that could be said with a lot of Stacy Reid’s books. With that being said Eternal Darkness as of right now is my favorite out of all the novels i have read. The erotic scenes were hot and steamy and the type of kink fit the theme of the story nicely. I will say if you are not into vampires and sexy bloody sex, this book may not be for you.

I rate Eternal Darkness by Stacy Reid a 3 out of 4 stars because I really enjoyed this book and I thought it was great but it could also have done with more editing. There were some sentences that I thought were confusing but otherwise the story was great. This is a story I will be reading again as more books from the series come out and I would recommend this to all the paranormal romance lovers out there.

You can check Stacy Reid’s book out here:



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