Nick’s Very First Day of Baseball (Book 1) and Magic Bat Day (Book 2) by Kevin Christofora

I received a copy of both books in exchange for my honest opinion. These are both Children’s books. On both the age range as stated on the covers is 3-7 years of age.

I am going to start with Nick’s Very First Day of Baseball since it is the first book. The cover is very bright and welcoming. Using my 4 year old daughter to aid in the book review process, I noticed that she studied the cover for several minutes and was delighted by it.  Which I think in any child’s book, the child being read to or reading them book themselves should be intrigued. After all the cover is usually what makes a reader want to read the book among other things.

Nick’s Very First Day of Baseball is about a boy named Nick who is preparing for his first day of Baseball practice. When his mom signed him up, he was of course very excited. When Nick arrives at his first day of practice, he along with his teammates are taken through a simple routine of exercises to help them stretch out and warm up.

The first practice they go through their warm ups and receive their uniforms. At their next practice they are beginning to learn baseball!

Reading through the book was quick and enjoyable for both child and adult. I will say starting off, it felt geared more towards the younger age group (3&4 maybe 5 year) but as the story progressed it felt like it was more for the older age group (possible 5 year, 67 year old).

This book offers a lot to be gleaned for young readers to learn about America’s favorite pastime. The little baseball animation offering advice to coaches and little questions to keep the young readers interesting was a great touch.

I would recommend Nick’s Very First Day of Baseball to all the young readers. It is enjoyable to the young ones and even the adults. The animations to go with the story were enjoyable and my daughter seemed to really enjoy it.  I rate this child’s book a 3 out of 4 stars. 

Magic Bat Day

The second book in the Hometown All Star Series.

This book picks up with Nick’s second day of practice. Nick, who is preparing for school is really excited to see his new friends and wear his uniform.

At this practice, Nick and his friends get to learn about batting.  Before they get to begin they are given a little lesson on one of America’s greatest Baseball Players; Babe Ruth. To help them with the learning how to bat, Nick and his friends got to pick a “magic” bat that was right for them.

This was another cute story. Fun and education are combined in this little story to keep the young readers entertained. With this story I felt the entire story was geared more towards the older kids. Reading this one with my 4 year old, I had a harder time keeping her attention. The animation to go along with the story kept her entertained but when it came to the words on the page she just didn’t care.

Overall I do think this story is appropriate for the age range stated on the front of the book for the reason I stated, the animation.

I rate Magic Bat Day a 3 out of 4 stars. 

*Note: I am very pleased to have had the opportunity to read these books. This author while encouraging kids to be active, he is also encouraging them to pick up a book. I will be donating these good children’s books to my library to try and get them into the hands of other children.*



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