Publishing Contest

Hey all! I know I have been missing for a long while! I have been busy writing and am now in the editing/rewriting stage of my first (fingers crossed) book.

Over at, Scott the admin is having a publishing contest for aspiring writers to win a publishing deal. After struggling and debating with myself about whether I should share my story or not I entered.

Here is a little about my story:

Jasmine is a twenty -three year old mute. Her family, a rich very social family have always tried to hide her, humiliated by her disability. All the rage and hurt inside of her has been building and after her birthday weird things begin to happen. Turns out she is an elemental, and a powerful one at that. Controlled by her emotions, Jasmine’s powers have the potential to cause chaos and soon her family knows she is responsible for strange things happening.

Running away, Jasmine finds herself surrounded by other people like her, people who want to help her but also surrounded by those who fear her. Her mentor David, helps her find inner peace but struggles to help train her powers, to give her the control she needs.

He tries to give her what she needs to fulfill one of two prophecies (Light and Dark), which one is up to her. When she is kidnapped by somebody claiming to be her fiance, life takes a dramatic and dangerous turn.

Jasmine has to fight to make Gabriel see the good in him, to make him want to be good. Can she do it? Can she master her uncontrollable gift of the elements and master the goodness in a man sworn to the dark?


If you like this then please hop on over to onlinebookclub and vote for me please! This is a majorly fantastic opportunity!





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