Ice Planet Barbarians by Ruby Dixon

51pmhlcnapl  You can check the book out here:

Ice Planet Barbarians is a Romance novel about well Aliens…On and Ice Planet. Hot, Hear me Roar Aliens that want nothing more than to find their mates and treasure them. This is the first installment in a several book series.

Georgie is your average human female, going about her average human life. When she calls it a night and goes to sleep, she wakes up wanting desperately to believe she in a nightmare, but women similar to her assure her she is not asleep. Being captured by little green aliens and then dropped on an icy cold planet for pick up later, leaves the girls feeling despair. But looking to Georgie as a leader, she takes it upon herself to exit the cargo hold and try to find help.

What she finds is a smoking hot blueish/gray alien with a tail that greets her by rocking her world. The only problem is…language barrier, it was pretty comical at times but of course love prevails in that even when they can’t understand each other, they still care deeply.

Georgie must convince Vektal to go back to where her friends are to save them. When he finally agree to go back there, he brings the men of his tribe with him, who are awed by the human women they find. With a short amount of time before all of the women including Georgie succumb to a sickness caused by the planet they are on, the male aliens must fight and kill the one creature that can grant them the ability to live long and healthy lives.

This was a very fast paced book for me, I read it in one day. It was hot and steamy and tasteful.  I don’t read many Alien/human love stories but what I have read has been awesome. This book was no exception. I will be reading the other books, though, I plan on spreading them out of time. (I tend to get bored with series that have a ton of books in them). So be on the look out!

RATING: 4 out of 4 stars



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