So today I had my surgery for endometriosis. Last year on October 8th I was diagnosed with it. This year was rough all the way around for me and today my Dr went into check for new implants.

Now I am at home, sitting with my husband, mom, and my three beautiful girls, watching TV and messing around on the laptop.

As of right now all I want to do is write, to throw myself into writing because it helps take my mind off of everything I have been dealing with.

In a week I have to go back for a follow up and to talk about starting a 6 month round of Lupron to kill the endometriosis that she could not burn this time or the last. Reading up on the Lupron last year was scary, this year is no different but this time there is no going around it.

Emotionally, I have been more inclined to burrow into myself and throw myself into things were I don’t have to deal with other people or even with how I feel.  I hate talking about it and I won’t get into it now, but at the end of the day at least I can pump out of writing and that helps some.

With that being said I believe I will dive into some writing and chill for the rest of the night. My neck and shoulders are killing me, and my stomach is entirely sore.


If you have been or are being affected by Hurricane Matthew, I hope you are all safe! Happy Reading!




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