More Than Blood (Arcane Book 1)

more-than-blood Author: Amanda Vyne

Genre: Romance

Rating: 3 out of 4 stars

More than Blood is the first installment in the Arcane Trilogy.

Around this time every year I start to dip into the Paranormal Genre that is full of the typical Urban Legends.

More than Blood takes that legend and gives it a fresh spin that I thought to be very intriguing and not like anything I have come across in recent years.

Kel, a crossbreed, works for a security firm that protects everyone under the “Triumvirates” rule from human eyes. Cleaning up messes, and solving cases that have no business in the hands of a human, and ultimately keeping the Triumvirate from interfering. While Gabrial Ferrar, a House Marshal, is sworn to do the same thing, but for his own people. When their paths cross and they are forced to work together on a case, can they see past Kels great dislike for his House, and their blood bond, to work together?

It was refreshing to read a book that did not have the two main characters teetering on the fence. Loving each other one minute, hating each other the next. The conflict remained balanced and believable up until the end. It made Kel and Gabrial very believable and in my eyes less frustrating. There were no moments of, “come on , really?” That seems to develop for me when two characters are bipolar in their feelings.

Now, maybe it is just me, but I like a story that remains true to what would be realistic, and in my opinion, this story kept the romance just that, realistic. The hot, steamy scenes weren’t full of love and hope. They were tastefully written and with the book as a whole, I enjoyed it.

This is a book I would recommend, it keeps a regular even pace and does a swell job of keeping the readers attention.

I will be back with a review of the second installment: More than Life (Arcane Book 2)!

Happy Reading!






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