Stand Alone or Series?…

With all the books coming out now, stand alone novels seem to be taking a back seat to series. Some would say novella’s set in a series are more preferable to a full length novel.

I understand there may be financial benefits to writing as a series, however, as a reader, it had been my experience that things tend to get boring. Especially with a series with 5+ books in them. Things just tend to be on repeat and well, who wouldn’t get bored.

Since I have started writing, I have found myself debating a lot on whether I would want to do a series or make my project a standalone. My first project will be set in a series, and a historical romance I have been planning as a series, but each novel will hopefully be full length.

I am curious to know some of ya’lls preferences. Whether you are an author or just a reader, do you prefer stand alone books or series?

Let me know what you think in the comments below!


12 thoughts on “Stand Alone or Series?…

  1. My first stab at writing was a trilogy. I think I preferred that due to never wanting the story to end. I think I thought the reader would feel the same way. Of course, I was also trying to land a traditional publisher at the time and thought more appeal would be given to more books. After completing the trilogy, I wrote two standalone novels. My most recent book, and incidentally the one that I just self published, is a standalone. I have found that those that read it automatically assume that it’s going to be part of a series. That was never my intention, thus why I added an epilogue.

    I think it depends on how the author grabs you with their story. With that being said, I have never enjoyed a series with 5+ books. It just seems like the author is grasping at straws to me, and like you said, some dialogue gets repeated.

    Very thought provoking blog…lovely! πŸ‘

    1. I am in that position now. My first is a sequal with the potential for a spin off, I am trying to go traditionally published with that one. And I am in the process of researching for a Historical Romance that will most likely be in a series.
      It has been my experience, I always find standalone where I wish the author wrote more I would be so in love with the characters and then other times it’s just fine the way it is.
      Or they have a series where each book is for different characters but they all tie in, with that it can be a big hit or miss because as I pointed out before then you get into the dialogue and certain things become redundant.
      Thank you for your feedback! πŸ˜€

      1. I’ve actually had a few people ask for a spinoff of supporting characters, but as you pointed out, it’s a hit or miss. I think it’s rarely done tastefully, so it scares me a bit. Who knows? One of us might be the first one to get it right! πŸ‘πŸ˜Š

  2. I guess it would depend on the book. For books that I don’t end up liking, whether in a series or not, I end up not continuing on. However, with books that I end up loving, I find it hard to let go of the characters. If the characters are different in next book, like you said it could be risky. I tend to not enjoy those as much.

    Good question!

    1. And that’s my thing. Since I have decided I wanted to be an author, I see just how many variables there are and how much there is to consider when writing a book. Like my first story, its a 2 part series and I am thinking about a novelette for one of the other characters to showcase how she grows (i know that will be tricky). Before just as a reader and a book reviewer, I never really thought about it. Either I loved a book or series or I didn’t. Thanks! πŸ™‚

  3. As a reader, I like both stand alone books and series. But I don’t read series until they are complete, so it’s sort of like reading a really fat stand-alone. As a writer, stand alone’s require less planning and work, but series are more lucrative. I happily write both. πŸ˜€

    1. πŸ˜€ I write both as well! I think it keeps things interesting. I usually read the series as they come out, kind of a build the anticipation thing. Most of series I have read lately have had most, if not, all of the book in it available to read.

  4. I think it depends on the subject and whether one book will complete the story or not.
    I think of Harry Potter, and you know that had to be a series. The stories keep the kids at a certain age, and then moves them into different adventures – it had to be a series.
    I then think about Forest Gump, and even though it was a long story, it was over and there really didn’t seem any reason to make it into a series.
    My latest book, ‘Rock Star – Almost’ is a stand alone book, but after talking to friends I realized that I will create 2 spin off books from it.

    1. I agree. I have come across series that were just perfect and then there are those that just make you wonder why it was not wrapped into one story. Specifically the novelette’s coming out.
      I think that is great, I think spin offs are good, it gives a look into other important characters’ growth and their rolls.

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