Border Post 99: No Man’s Land by Kedar Patankar

Title: Border Post 99: No Man’s Land

Author: Kedar Patankar

Genre: Inspirational Fiction

Rating: 3 out of 4 stars


This is an Book of the Day review.

An inspirational story of two rival soldiers, brought together over time through their schemes and pranks while guarding posts that were in No Man’s Land. Their one primary goal is not to shoot each other. But who says you can’t make use of your time by scheming and plotting. Unexpectedly they find a common ground based on the history of their families.

Border Post 99: No Man’s Land is a short read. The synopsis drew me in to read this book. I expected to fly threw it but I found myself having a hard time getting into it. The characters are well thought out and the dialogue between the two is humorous. I found myself cracking a smile a few times at their hateful but playful banter. Through the narration of the story it was easy to imagine just what Sharma and Khan were up to.

While the story was fairly well written, and the characters were full of life, there were a couple things I did have a hard time with. Firstly, there is little to no indication of when the author switches between Sharma and Khan. In the beginning I found it confusing and had to move back and forth between pages. As the story moved on though it became easier to distinguish.  Also, I thought the ending was a bit abrupt. I felt like by the time I was feeling the humanity and connection between the two main characters the story had come to a stop and I would have loved to read more.

I would recommend this to other readers, though this is not a story I would read again. I struggled with what to rate this story,  between a 2 and a 3 stars. If I could rate it a 2.5 stars I would. Instead I will rate Border Post 99: No Man’s Land by Kedar Patankar a 3 out of 4 stars. Overall, I did enjoy the novella despite the aspects I was not thrilled with.

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