Writing and Life

So lately life has gotten in the way. I got busy with my family, especially with having a 5 month old. I fell out of reading and I even stopped writing. 😰😱

Back in February, the feeling of being stuck was growing heavy. To change that I decided to do something for me. So I joined Scentsy as an Independent Consultant and I have started writing again!!

I absolutely love Scentsy. Tomorrow will mark 70 days for me and the changes are already noticeable.

  1. I am so much happier!
  2. I discovered I love hosting parties!!
  3. I am more confident than I was before. (Live Facebook videos have taken some getting sued to but I love to share the love of what I do!)
  4. Financial freedom is still way off in the future, but I love that I have a goal I am working towards!
  5. This is money I am going to use to help aid my writing journey!

Not to mention it is easier to feed my addiction! Feel free to jump over and give my page a like! ❀❀ https://www.facebook.com/TrishaACepeda/

I will try to be on here more. I can’t make any promises though! This dead spot I’m going through with reading seems to be a long one!


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