Lucid Dreams and the Holy Spirit by Maria Isabel Pita

Lucid Dreams and the Holy Spirit is an autobiography and Maria’s personal account about how Lucid Dreaming brought her back to Christ.

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As my first dip into the pool of autobiographies, this was a really good first read. I was able to connect with the author on many levels and reading about dreams I thought was fascinating. Dreams have always been an interest of mine so reading the description, I was very optimistic going in.

I say that I could relate with the author because she grew up catholic and as she got older she lost her way. Growing up, I was also raised catholic and I have lost my way and still trying to find the right way back. So for me it made the reading that much better, being able to relate on some level with the author.

This collection of dreams occurs over the course of five years. As the book progresses, Maria’s knowledge and ability to lucid dream grows and as it grows she comes closer to Christ through a man she came to know as her “Guardian Lord.” People she knew and people she didn’t know made appearances in her dreams and all played a role in her journey.

I particularly liked the ending because throughout her dreams when her guardian lord would make his appearance she would feel an immense love and wonder. Well at the end of the story she realized her guardian lord was in fact her experience of Christ. The feeling of love from both ends was palpable and made me smile quite a few times. I will say that as a skeptic some of it I had a hard time believing but that is me as a skeptic. I also know that anything is possible. Cliche I know, but true.

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