Horn of the Kraken by Stephen Pearl

I received a review copy of this book via Onlinebookclub.org.

What can I really say? I was excited to read it and it ended with disappointment.

The story line was strong. It was simply written but written well enough to engage the reader. Then the grammatical errors came and then the ending was rushed and my thoughts on the book took a turn for the negative.

So in this story a character brings five people together. All of them have one common goal; vengeance. This is a post apocalyptic, viking time period. The antagonist has a horn that he can use to summon and control a creature(s) called Kraken. When they are called by the blow of the horn, ships sink, cargo is lost and people ultimately die. This group of five people all have a vendetta against this man and in exacting their revenge friendships are formed and there is even a romance.

And I liked that a lot however  I didn’t like the grammatical errors that littered the pages from misplaced quotation marks to words that were used incorrectly. Then there was the ending. There was fighting, and action but it didn’t have nearly the impact that I thought it would. You know how some books have a big bang at the end, to really make the reader think wow?! Yeah no it was over way too fast and I was left thinking ‘really’?

So you can check out my full review of the book here:


I rated Horn of the Kraken by Stephen Pearl a 2 out of 4 stars! 

Happy Reading! 🙂


Prophase: A Present Tale by M. Street

A story about a typical teenage girl. Young love, finding oneself and trying to imagine what the future will hold. Only Piper, she is about to discover she has a whole lot of self discovery left to go, hundreds of years of it! From discovering that she can do weird magical things to realizing her mom is alive to finding her soul mate, M. Street takes her on one heck of a journey infused with excitement and danger.

The story was a bit slow taking off but the characters, as many as there are, were very well developed. I would have to say Esther, Piper’s mom, was my favorite. She was described as a sweet old lady in the beginning but as Piper’s story unfolds so does Esther’s character. The most unlikable character for me was Chris. Piper’s ex-boyfriend, he was your typical high school jerk wanting “space” but then seeing Piper transform as her powers blossomed, she became something he had to have. A prize, a possession if you will.

As Piper’s story continues to unravel, she meets more people of her kind and embraces everything that is thrown at her, Her world is a world aligned with nature, There was so much going on once the story picked up it was hard to stop reading. Especially when Piper meets somebody that she just can’t seem to keep her eyes off of. Dev, a supposed college student, has Piper’s heart beating fast and all high school love is out the window. However, Dev is not who he says he is and i don’t want to give it away because it is the best part, in my opinion but the twist is good! I promise!

All of this gives Piper’s home life a boost, an abusive father and a brother who she loves dearly and only wants to protect find themselves on the back burner as Piper is over come with wanting to completely immerse herself into the world she was meant to be in. As she comes into her gifts Piper tries to protect her brother more from her father and in the end she has to protect them both or risk losing them.

This is a book I would happily read again and again. I recommend it to all science-fiction lovers out there as this was a well put together novel. Especially with it’s connection to science and spirituality. And honestly I am kind of hoping they make a movie out of this as I think all the special effects that would be involved would just be amazing!

This is the first installment of The Mitosis Series and I can not wait to read the second installment!

As always Happy Reading!!

The Outrider Legion by Christopher Pepper

This novel is the first book in a series by Christopher Pepper. I received the book via kindle gift through onlinebookclub.org as a book review.

I was skeptical when I came across this book, mostly because of the cover. This is the reason to never judge a book by what you see at first glance! In a store I would have easily glanced at the cover while browsing and kept right on going. However, I am glad I was given the chance to read this book because it was really good and I look forward to reading the other books as they become available.

The Outrider Legion is about a group of five outriders, and a weaver. Later on, a woman  who is an agent becomes part of the group and they also acquire two life long friends and allies. The group in itself is an oddity, five strong men, a fat jolly man and a woman who is missing an extremity all work together to complete their task and keep each other alive. The other two a giant of a man and an assassin become necessary tools in defending their post and also keeping each other alive.

For so many characters in the story, the other played it off really well. He still managed to hook the reader and gave them enough through out the story to be able to connect with the characters. This alongside the odd group made the story seem real and not just a fairy tale.

I look forward to reading the other books and I highly recommend this story!


Happy Reading Everyone!