The DoveKeepers by Alice Hoffman

This is an historical fiction about four women, whose lives cross during the during the fall of Jerusalem.  Through them we are taken on a journey showing the difficulties faced during that time period. Written in four parts, each of those four women have their own story told all the while the years are passing by and the fall of the great fortress where they reside looms closer.  The end of the story as sad as it was, for me was the best part. To experience through the words the pain and horror of a mass suicide was astounding.

Each character you get to know very well. You get to like them and understand them. The one thing I had a hard time with was understanding the culture and how their thoughts and actions were different than how women would act today.

The lack of understanding made the book all the more interesting to me. I found myself wanting to know more about the time period. History had always been a soft spot for me. I absolutely love it. I find it very intriguing. So for the first time ever I actually read the acknowledgemen’s because Alice Hoffman writes about the fall of Jerusalem and Masada and where she got the information for her book. Which was a historian by the name of Josephus who according to Alice Hoffman has written the only account of the Seige of Masada.

After reading the section of the Acknowledgements where that is explained, I found myself wishing I could go to Masada and visit the Museum. If I ever have the chance I would certainly jump on it.

This book took me the better part of a MONTH! to read. And not because it was a bad book, but it was just so in depth (and long!) and kinda slow for me. But totally worth it. I would definitely check this book out if you like historical novels!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars