Give Sorrow Words: Maryse Holder’s Letters From Mexico.

A non-fiction novel containing letters from Maryse Holder while on her adventures in Mexico. The book, took me a month to read, which is very rare for me. I found the book, interesting, however it was very slow and made for a difficult read. As I saw it, it is a book to be read slowly, and absorbed fully. It is a time and place in which I am not familiar. Although it was difficult, I would recommend this book to anybody wishing to learn something, or broaden their vocabulary or both. If you wish to see the full review on, you can visit the link below.


Illusions, Dystopia, & Monsters by Kermit E. Heartsong

I received this book as a book review and thought it would make an interesting read as my husband and I have had many conversations regarding the topics discussed in this book.

Heartsong takes three topics and weaves a sobering tale of what is taking place right under our noses and what very well could happen should we not pay heed to the signs we are presented with. While the author lays out the facts and breaks down what he is talking about, the reader is free to do their own research and make their own opinion about the topics throughout the chapters. The truth, Kermit presents truly is an alarming one, one that he also presents ways to fix.

The author also references several movies throughout each section and chapters throughout the book,explaining the politics behind the movie and how it relates to how the United States Government in particular is similar. Some of these were movies that I had never thought of on any political level, to me they were just movies.

I would definitely recommend this book to all of the readers with an interest in politics, and global warming. Many will probably find this controversial but with an open mind I think other readers will find it very enlightening.