Nightmarism Poems by Robert c.J. Graves

So I don’t generally read poems, they are out of my comfort zone. However, lately I have been leaving my comfort zone to read genres I would typically read. I received this book of poems as a gift and once I started to read it I was enthralled by it. It was morbid and still drew the reader in and held them tight until the end. It made think ‘Oh my’! Definitely a good read, but then the author of the book, Robert C.J. Graves, who I have had the pleasure of Copy Editing for, has a knack for enthralling his readers. So yes I may be biased, however, I really did enjoy this book and I do recommend it to everybody who has a love for poems, books that are of a morbid nature, or just looking to expand your horizons and defeat your comfort zone!

Happy Reading!