Guardian of Paradise by W.E. Lawrence


RATING: 3 out of 4 stars

GENRE: Romance intertwined with mystery

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A jungle lady  determined to protect the land of the tribe that raised her. A doctor who only wants to make a difference in the medical world. Brought together can they put aside their differences and work to save the island and it’s inhabitants?

Kira’s integrity is tested when a merchant ship lands off the coast of the island, lavishing goods on the tribes people, winning them over. Knowing that something is off, Kira uses her close relationship with the Chief to make an attempt at raising awareness to the true intentions of the ships Captain. Failing miserably, she must take it upon herself to assure that no lasting damage comes to the island and the villagers that she sees herself the protector of.

Doctor Trevor is astounded when he steps foot on the land, from the people to the islands bountiful harvest. What most astounds him is his attraction to Kira. Contracting her as his guide throughout the island on his hunt for new herbs and roots, both of them find themselves fighting their desires.

But, when they get to close to the Captain and what he is really doing they end up fighting for much, much more. They must fight for their own lives, and the lives of the islanders and all that they live for.


I was enthralled with this book from the moment I started reading.  From the fantastic character formation and development to the descriptions of the island and tribal people. The story was well written and felt as if I was there watching the whole thing happen. As far the characters, well, Kira is my favorite. Not a native to the island, but raised there after her parents are killed, takes it to her heart to ensure the people are not brought to harm in any way. She is courageous and witty, and just a well rounded character that any one would want to be friends with.

Now, I said the story was well written, and it is. The only thing I can mention is that it did contain a few errors, mostly just missing punctuation. While it didn’t detract from my enjoyment of the story, I felt they were errors that could be easily corrected.

Without further ado, I rate Guardian of Paradise by W.E. Lawrence3 out of 4 stars. Aside from the errors I found, I think this is a book any romance lover would love.



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Prison Blade by Niki Hebert McQuilling

BOOK TITLE: Prison Blade

Rating: 2 out of 4 stars

I received a free copy of this book courtesy of the in exchange for an honest review. This novel falls into the romance/erotic genre and is Niki Hebert McQuilling’s first book.

I will warn you now this book is not at all for the faint of heart. As warned on amazon, this book contains explicit rape and domestic violence. Normally I research a book before I accept it. This time I read it the synopsis given and then quickly glanced over the reviews (which were good). So honestly going into I had high expectations for a fast paced, hot and steamy novel. What I go was a weak plot, a ton of explicit rape scenes and a ton of typographical and grammatical errors.

Abigail Averies is on the run from her past. A past full of abuse and marital rape at the hands of her husband Erik, who refuses to let her go. So when she decides to fake her own death and leave town, she hopes and prays that deep down it is over. But she knows deep down that he will find her as he promised.

Just when she thinks she is starting to find peace, has a good job, a best friend, and a potential love interest, everything starts to fall apart. Erik has found his way back into her life and plans to rip her away from everything she has come to love. Can she overcome the looming battle with a psychotic man?

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Ice Planet Barbarians by Ruby Dixon

51pmhlcnapl  You can check the book out here:

Ice Planet Barbarians is a Romance novel about well Aliens…On and Ice Planet. Hot, Hear me Roar Aliens that want nothing more than to find their mates and treasure them. This is the first installment in a several book series.

Georgie is your average human female, going about her average human life. When she calls it a night and goes to sleep, she wakes up wanting desperately to believe she in a nightmare, but women similar to her assure her she is not asleep. Being captured by little green aliens and then dropped on an icy cold planet for pick up later, leaves the girls feeling despair. But looking to Georgie as a leader, she takes it upon herself to exit the cargo hold and try to find help.

What she finds is a smoking hot blueish/gray alien with a tail that greets her by rocking her world. The only problem is…language barrier, it was pretty comical at times but of course love prevails in that even when they can’t understand each other, they still care deeply.

Georgie must convince Vektal to go back to where her friends are to save them. When he finally agree to go back there, he brings the men of his tribe with him, who are awed by the human women they find. With a short amount of time before all of the women including Georgie succumb to a sickness caused by the planet they are on, the male aliens must fight and kill the one creature that can grant them the ability to live long and healthy lives.

This was a very fast paced book for me, I read it in one day. It was hot and steamy and tasteful.  I don’t read many Alien/human love stories but what I have read has been awesome. This book was no exception. I will be reading the other books, though, I plan on spreading them out of time. (I tend to get bored with series that have a ton of books in them). So be on the look out!

RATING: 4 out of 4 stars


Full Moon: Taken By the Pack by Cat Scofield

This is a Paranormal Romance of 17 pages and I got it for free on amazon. I was looking anything to read and this seemed interesting enough.

Lisa is a very curious person, as well as a journalist. Her line of work, profiling clubs and writing about them. But there is one club she can’t get into and her curiosity gets her in trouble.

Club Other is a club not like the rest. It attracts a special crowd, werewolves. As Lisa tries to infiltrate this club, she is caught by a vicious man who would see her dead.

If not for Toby, Lisa would have died. He is among the special crowd at Club Other. Rescuing Lisa from a terrible fate, a bond seems to be struck between the two.

The plot was interesting and I really enjoyed it that I was looking forward to reading the following books to see how Toby and Lisa’s relationship grows however each book is similar in length to the first and I refuse to pay $2.99 for books under 100 pages.

I rate Full Moon a 3 out of 4 stars because it was a good read and I would have loved to read more. I would recommend this book only if you are willing to pay 2.99 for the following books in an eight book series.


Eternal Darkness by Stacy Reid

Yet another hot and steamy romance by Stacy! I preordered this novel as well as received an ARC in return for an honest review. This is the first book in a series.

A princess betrothed, trying to escape out of an unwanted marriage in hopes of saving her people, escapes out of her kingdom only to be met with attack after attack. Being forced to seek refuge in a kingdom loathed by every kingdom around it, Princess Saieke plunges herself into the darkness of the Darkan Realm.

Drac, her would be rescuer, strikes a deal with Princess Saieke, for his kingdom in return for protecting her. Only she doesn’t have just the outside Realms to worry about, Darkans on the inside are hostile towards her as well. Spending time in this darkest of dark kingdoms Saieke meets the hostility head on and shows that not everybody is afraid of the Darkans and what they can do.

In fact, what starts out as simple seducing turns into something much darker to her, something she swore she’d never feel. Love. Drac and Saieke feel drawn to each other and soon both realize the power of what is taking place. Something that can never be undone and brings out the worst in Drac should she ever be harmed.

When Saieke is forced to finally return to her Kingdom, her parents are horrified to find she is no longer eligible to marry the man they have promised her to. Rage fills the king and her people along with her betrothed people find out just how dangerous hurting her really is.

I enjoyed this story immensely but that could be said with a lot of Stacy Reid’s books. With that being said Eternal Darkness as of right now is my favorite out of all the novels i have read. The erotic scenes were hot and steamy and the type of kink fit the theme of the story nicely. I will say if you are not into vampires and sexy bloody sex, this book may not be for you.

I rate Eternal Darkness by Stacy Reid a 3 out of 4 stars because I really enjoyed this book and I thought it was great but it could also have done with more editing. There were some sentences that I thought were confusing but otherwise the story was great. This is a story I will be reading again as more books from the series come out and I would recommend this to all the paranormal romance lovers out there.

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The Beauty Series (1-4 and the Epilogue) by Skye Warren

Before I start on this review, I know I have been MIA for a long while. I have been in lots of pain, visited the hospital twice in a week and found out I need to have surgery which isn’t happening until next month. The reason for this is Dr.’s believe the reason I am in so much pain is endometriosis and I have a cyst on my right ovary. So I’ve been doing lots of reading but not much writing. I will try to be on more but I can’t promise it’ll be much. At the moment I am tackling a book with a collection of 3 books by Thomas Hardy! It’s slow going but very interesting…so anyways hope everybody is well and onto the books that I feel the need to write about.

(I will review and rate them over all instead of individually.)

So each installment is short and sweet. It took me less than a day to read each individually and about two of them I managed to finish in one day. So it’s a quick read all together.

Erin, a young woman trying to put herself through a school surrounded by rich and entitled folk, finds herself working for a man that she comes to care for deeply.  Her mom cleans houses for a living and Erin finds herself doing the same thing in order to take care of herself and making sure she gets to graduate and make something for herself.

Blake, a recluse, has hired Erin to help keep his house clean. He doesn’t go out into the real world because to the damage caused from serving his country in the army. When Blake meets Erin, their employer/employee relationship quickly escalated. But both have a long way to go with their self doubts. Erin, believing she is below him because of her financial status. Blake believing he isn’t good enough because of what was done to him.

Both, after engaging in a relationship that would irrevocably change them, set out to become better. Blake reenters society and Erin stands up for herself. Through each other they grow and become better. Through each installment they are faced with their troubles but always manage to overcome them; from ex-lovers to parents, to shameful pasts, Blake and Erin overcome and find their happily ever after.

Now I did have some issues with the series. Grammatical errors for instance. They were not horrible but enough to confuse the reader. Also, I kept waiting for Erin to become pregnant because one erotic scene they had protection and the next several were unsafe and then they were being safe again. It may not be a big deal but it confused me and kind of left me disappointed because I think it would have been a good twist to the Erin and Blake story.

Now I rate The Beauty Series and the Epilogue a 3 out of 4 stars because I felt it was good not great. Would I reread them? Yeah if I couldn’t find anything else to read. Forgettable/Memorable? We’ll see in a few months.  I would recommend the books to my fellow romance lovers however because it is a pretty good read even if a little confusing and disappointing but with that in mind is just my opinion others may not feel the same way.

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Celtic Viking book 1 by Lexi Timms

Let me start with saying this: Not at all what I expected! This novella is about a Viking Prince that is fighting for what is people want; land. The people they are ruthlessly taking this land from fight back no matter how meager their skills are compared to the vikings. On the other side of the vikings is a fiery red head trying to help take care of her father as her brother takes off to fight for what is rightfully theirs.

Now here is why I say this was not what I expected. First off I wasn’t expecting it to be a novella but a full written hot and steamy forbidden love affair between Prince Erik and the fiery red head Linzy. That, however, was not the case and with it being roughly 24 hours since I finished it, I am still not sure of how I feel about it.

It started out strong and then was over and I sat there with my mouth open thinking where is the rest of the story? I went back and read the reviews on it and that seems to be the biggest problem. I’m not even sure if novella would be the right term for this but I will say, I do feel jipped and if I am being completely honest i am not sure if I want to pay 2.99 each for any of the other books in this serious.

I may purchase the books just to follow through as a reviewer but that will be it. If you have read the book I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions! If not I would and would not recommend it. If you are looking for a hot steamy highlander/viking romance skip it because you will not find romance in this book. If you are just looking for a quick read and it appeals to you then go for it!

Because of the way it ended I would have to rate this book a 2 out of 4 stars. 

And as always….Happy Reading! 🙂