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More Than Blood (Arcane Book 1)

more-than-blood Author: Amanda Vyne

Genre: Romance

Rating: 3 out of 4 stars

More than Blood is the first installment in the Arcane Trilogy.

Around this time every year I start to dip into the Paranormal Genre that is full of the typical Urban Legends.

More than Blood takes that legend and gives it a fresh spin that I thought to be very intriguing and not like anything I have come across in recent years.

Kel, a crossbreed, works for a security firm that protects everyone under the “Triumvirates” rule from human eyes. Cleaning up messes, and solving cases that have no business in the hands of a human, and ultimately keeping the Triumvirate from interfering. While Gabrial Ferrar, a House Marshal, is sworn to do the same thing, but for his own people. When their paths cross and they are forced to work together on a case, can they see past Kels great dislike for his House, and their blood bond, to work together?

It was refreshing to read a book that did not have the two main characters teetering on the fence. Loving each other one minute, hating each other the next. The conflict remained balanced and believable up until the end. It made Kel and Gabrial very believable and in my eyes less frustrating. There were no moments of, “come on , really?” That seems to develop for me when two characters are bipolar in their feelings.

Now, maybe it is just me, but I like a story that remains true to what would be realistic, and in my opinion, this story kept the romance just that, realistic. The hot, steamy scenes weren’t full of love and hope. They were tastefully written and with the book as a whole, I enjoyed it.

This is a book I would recommend, it keeps a regular even pace and does a swell job of keeping the readers attention.

I will be back with a review of the second installment: More than Life (Arcane Book 2)!

Happy Reading!






So today I had my surgery for endometriosis. Last year on October 8th I was diagnosed with it. This year was rough all the way around for me and today my Dr went into check for new implants.

Now I am at home, sitting with my husband, mom, and my three beautiful girls, watching TV and messing around on the laptop.

As of right now all I want to do is write, to throw myself into writing because it helps take my mind off of everything I have been dealing with.

In a week I have to go back for a follow up and to talk about starting a 6 month round of Lupron to kill the endometriosis that she could not burn this time or the last. Reading up on the Lupron last year was scary, this year is no different but this time there is no going around it.

Emotionally, I have been more inclined to burrow into myself and throw myself into things were I don’t have to deal with other people or even with how I feel.  I hate talking about it and I won’t get into it now, but at the end of the day at least I can pump out of writing and that helps some.

With that being said I believe I will dive into some writing and chill for the rest of the night. My neck and shoulders are killing me, and my stomach is entirely sore.


If you have been or are being affected by Hurricane Matthew, I hope you are all safe! Happy Reading!



In Between

So it seems I cannot do both. Either I take time to write or I take time to do yoga. Between chasing youngin’s , keeping up with a house, running errands, and everything else that comes with being a wife, mom, and bookworm.

Lately, I have found myself either working on my latest project or doing yoga but never both in a given day. Which means I haven’t written a single word in my story in the week that I have been doing yoga.

Plus side, I didn’t realize how tight my muscles had gotten. Downside, I need to get back to writing.

Oh! And let me not forget I started book reviewing again!

I will have a review up soon so keep a look out!

One day I will find a good in between…one day…

*just a random rambling for today*

Now off I go to read me before you by Jojo Moyes. 🙂

Happy Reading! 😀

Orphan Train by Christina Baker Kline

Orphan Train is an historical fiction novel written by Christina Baker Kline.

What can I say about this novel? The emotions it stirred in me were many. Sadness at the way these children were treated, the poor circumstances after poor circumstances. With the chances of being taken into a good home seeming rare, my heart broke. I felt happiness when Niamh, now Vivian, found happiness after so much strife.

I was brought to tears towards the end of the novel when Vivian’s husband, a man who was her everything, died, while she was pregnant.

Orphan Train takes you on a journey. Twisting two lives, two stories into one well written novel.

Niamh/Vivian and Molly have so much in common and find peace and comfort in each other’s presence. Molly learns that through all the negatives in the end will come a positive. You can loos everything but gain something.

Molly being in the system from a young age, knows what it means to have people only want to care for you for the money. When she has to do community service with an old lady, her world is slowly turned upside down as she learns about Vivian’s life and everything that happened to her in her ninety-one years on this planet. From immigrating from Ireland to being placed on a train out to Minnesota where the people that truly cared were few and far between.

The novel was slow moving but as somebody who loves history, I found myself so immersed that I just didn’t care. I would rate this novel a 4 out of 4 stars because I absolutely loved it. I would also recommend this book to anyone that enjoys a good historical fiction that can make emotions swirl through you like a wild wind.





Publishing Contest

Hey all! I know I have been missing for a long while! I have been busy writing and am now in the editing/rewriting stage of my first (fingers crossed) book.

Over at, Scott the admin is having a publishing contest for aspiring writers to win a publishing deal. After struggling and debating with myself about whether I should share my story or not I entered.

Here is a little about my story:

Jasmine is a twenty -three year old mute. Her family, a rich very social family have always tried to hide her, humiliated by her disability. All the rage and hurt inside of her has been building and after her birthday weird things begin to happen. Turns out she is an elemental, and a powerful one at that. Controlled by her emotions, Jasmine’s powers have the potential to cause chaos and soon her family knows she is responsible for strange things happening.

Running away, Jasmine finds herself surrounded by other people like her, people who want to help her but also surrounded by those who fear her. Her mentor David, helps her find inner peace but struggles to help train her powers, to give her the control she needs.

He tries to give her what she needs to fulfill one of two prophecies (Light and Dark), which one is up to her. When she is kidnapped by somebody claiming to be her fiance, life takes a dramatic and dangerous turn.

Jasmine has to fight to make Gabriel see the good in him, to make him want to be good. Can she do it? Can she master her uncontrollable gift of the elements and master the goodness in a man sworn to the dark?


If you like this then please hop on over to onlinebookclub and vote for me please! This is a majorly fantastic opportunity!




Nick’s Very First Day of Baseball (Book 1) and Magic Bat Day (Book 2) by Kevin Christofora

I received a copy of both books in exchange for my honest opinion. These are both Children’s books. On both the age range as stated on the covers is 3-7 years of age.

I am going to start with Nick’s Very First Day of Baseball since it is the first book. The cover is very bright and welcoming. Using my 4 year old daughter to aid in the book review process, I noticed that she studied the cover for several minutes and was delighted by it.  Which I think in any child’s book, the child being read to or reading them book themselves should be intrigued. After all the cover is usually what makes a reader want to read the book among other things.

Nick’s Very First Day of Baseball is about a boy named Nick who is preparing for his first day of Baseball practice. When his mom signed him up, he was of course very excited. When Nick arrives at his first day of practice, he along with his teammates are taken through a simple routine of exercises to help them stretch out and warm up.

The first practice they go through their warm ups and receive their uniforms. At their next practice they are beginning to learn baseball!

Reading through the book was quick and enjoyable for both child and adult. I will say starting off, it felt geared more towards the younger age group (3&4 maybe 5 year) but as the story progressed it felt like it was more for the older age group (possible 5 year, 67 year old).

This book offers a lot to be gleaned for young readers to learn about America’s favorite pastime. The little baseball animation offering advice to coaches and little questions to keep the young readers interesting was a great touch.

I would recommend Nick’s Very First Day of Baseball to all the young readers. It is enjoyable to the young ones and even the adults. The animations to go with the story were enjoyable and my daughter seemed to really enjoy it.  I rate this child’s book a 3 out of 4 stars. 

Magic Bat Day

The second book in the Hometown All Star Series.

This book picks up with Nick’s second day of practice. Nick, who is preparing for school is really excited to see his new friends and wear his uniform.

At this practice, Nick and his friends get to learn about batting.  Before they get to begin they are given a little lesson on one of America’s greatest Baseball Players; Babe Ruth. To help them with the learning how to bat, Nick and his friends got to pick a “magic” bat that was right for them.

This was another cute story. Fun and education are combined in this little story to keep the young readers entertained. With this story I felt the entire story was geared more towards the older kids. Reading this one with my 4 year old, I had a harder time keeping her attention. The animation to go along with the story kept her entertained but when it came to the words on the page she just didn’t care.

Overall I do think this story is appropriate for the age range stated on the front of the book for the reason I stated, the animation.

I rate Magic Bat Day a 3 out of 4 stars. 

*Note: I am very pleased to have had the opportunity to read these books. This author while encouraging kids to be active, he is also encouraging them to pick up a book. I will be donating these good children’s books to my library to try and get them into the hands of other children.*