SunBorn Rising: Beneath the Fall (BOOK 1) by Aaron Safronoff

sunborn-rising  Genre: Fantasy

Rating:  4 out of 4 stars


An imaginative world with spectacular creatures that promises to submerse the reader until the very end! t.

A Listlespur, Barra, discovers her late father’s journals which sparks the beginning of a long and frightful adventure into the Fallen. Watching her mother be spurned by the Elder Council, after her bup is attacked in the Middens,  Barra and her best friends take it upon themselves to bring light to the dire situation threatening to over take their home.

Barra, Tory, and Plicks are best friends willing to do anything to keep the others alive, from risking their own lives to pushing on on a journey that they feel can only end one way. The root of their home is slowly rotting away being consumed by a darkness that no one can escape. Together the three of them fight through the darkness into an ocean they had no idea existed, to get back home and find away to save their people. From the fighting, to the acceptance of their fate, to reuniting with their loved ones, the emotions were easily felt.

Cerulean is a well developed world that I had no problem imagining. From the foliage to the creatures that inhabited it, I was enveloped from the start. Of course it helped that the author included beautiful images of the characters so  that imagining them was all the easier and gave even more depth to an already believable world. As I stated in the paragraph above, the emotions were easily felt. The characters were believable and very much likable.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. The pacing was smooth, albeit the few times it felt like the story was dragging. The Cerulean world and it’s inhabitant’s were very believable and enjoyable. I mean who wouldn’t want to live in a tree? LOL, personally I wouldn’t mind one bit.

So with all that being said, I would rate Sunborn Rising: Beneath the Fall by Aaron Safronoff  4 out of 4 stars. This is a book I would happily recommend to readers of all ages!

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Left Behind Book One by R. Anne Polcastro

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Left Behind is a fast faced, Sci-fi/fantasy novel that takes place in a world ruined by the greed for power, leaving people to move underground and deal with the repercussions of radiation.

Two teenage enemies are forced together when they are punished.  Living underground their whole lives, to be sent to the surface is a terrifying and exciting time for them. When they discover that their leaders have been lying to them, they make it their mission to find out the truth.

This takes them on the journey of  a life time. Endirion and Harlo become close friends as they face death at every turn, terrifying monsters and finding unlikely friends that want only to see them succeed.

From the beginning of this book to the end, I had a very hard time putting this book down! Reaching the end, I was excited by the ending which I won’t give away because well spoilers! I purchased the second installation of the series, I have yet to read it, but I will update when I do!


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A Mammoth Problem by Rob Dew

A Mammoth Problem by Rob Dew is a YA novel. It had been awhile since I delved into a YA novel of this type. It is geared towards the younger spectrum of YA books, if I had an 8 year old, they could probably read it. It was fast paced, and easy to read. It is chock full of dry humor to the point that some of the dialogue is just bizarre. But it will definitely make you smile.

The story starts off with a boys mother mistakenly fostering an alien. It is painstakingly obvious that the boy is not really a boy in the very beginning. It does not take long for the adventure to start when the boys house is broken into and then off he goes with the alien on a crazy adventure to get to his spaceship and to try and stop the aliens from creating another Ice Age and leaving a surprise…I’m sure you can guess what that surprise is from the title. Of course, the boy (Eric) and his alien friend (Donnington Speen) are able to save the day and all ends well.

The characters in the story were very well developed. It was very easy to relate to them and even feel like they were real. Kind of like, watching a movie. My favorite was the mother because she was like a doormat and as much as I felt bad for her in the beginning it was fun watching her go through her own little adventure and seeing her grow. She went from never complaining to fighting for her life and chasing after her son.

In the end we see growth from not only the mother but also Eric. Once Donnington Speen leaves to go and check the temperature of another planet, Eric’s mom decides she wants to travel somewhere, and Eric is happy to tag along. I mention this because in the beginning they both suffer from the loss of a loved one and it impacts both their lives to some degree so through the story they are both forced to deal with some of those fears and in the end they come out a new person wanting to take on a new adventure.

I would highly recommend this book to all the Young Adult readers out there. it was fun, witty and fast paced and sure to keep a child’s attention along with an adult readers attention.

Happy Reading!

The Mime Order by Samantha ShannonThis Back

I was super excited when this book was released to the public! I had been counting down until I would have the chance to read the second book after The Bone Season’s ending. I tore through those 500 pages in 2 and a half days.

This second story is a continuation into the life of Paige Mahoney, her crew, the fugitives she helped escape from Sheol I, the enemies out for Paige’s head and of course the budding romance between Paige and Arcturus Mesarthim AKA Warden.

Back where she started, Paige has to fight to get her life back on track and figure out what it is she is going to do about the Rephaim out to get her and avoid being captured by Scion. During her stay in Sheol I, Paige learned things about herself and upon escaping with the aide of her Mime Lord, Paige realized just how blind she had been to how her Mime Lord treated her and the others. He lied and sugar coated and black mailed like any criminal to keep his protege right where he wanted her, trying to shut her down when she tried to speak up about the Rephaim and the control they had over the government. Running around trying to piece together how to break away from her boss, how to get word out about the Rephaim and then finding Arcturus, Paige has attempts made on her life and stumbled upon things that are even bigger than she could have ever imagined! Deceit and betrayal go far deeper than anybody could have realized.

When the Under Lord is killed and a battle to take the crown is called, Paige decides to take matters into her own hands, to go behind Jaxson’s (her Mime Lord) back and fight to become the next Under Queen and with the help of Warden and his band of rebel Rephaim he helps Paige to ready herself. This is where it got really interesting. At the end Samantha Shannon left us with another good cliffhanger. Somebody in her life (I won’t say who, you’ll just have to read and find out 😉 ) has a dark, dark secret that will certainly be surprising. It definitely had me looking up the 3rd story to see when it would be released.

Throughout all of this, I was reminded of Twilight’s Bella and Edward as far as the relationship with Warden and Paige goes. It’s one of those I want to be with you no matter the costs but they have to acknowledge she will eventually die while he will continue living being immortal and all. In the end, despite the odds, they pretty much decide to try and make it work, which I think is great and I can’t wait to see how it pans out.

Now, I will say this. I was a little disappointed because it didn’t seem to be edited as well as the first so there are quite a bit of grammatical errors throughout the whole story, and it was a little hard to over look. That’s as far as my disappointment goes though.

So this is the second story in a seven book installment and that makes me a little nervous based on past experiences with past series that were long. I think the only series that had so many books that I made it through was the wonderful Harry Potter Series. Every other series I usually give up on once they start to become predictable. Given the extent and amount of creativity that seems to go into these books, (based on the first two that are out), I don’t think that will be the case with this series, but I have my reservations. As it is I am excited to read the next book and will have to wait anxiously for a release date! 🙂

In conclusion, I highly recommend this book. It was great, fast paced and exciting.  If you have read it or plan on reading it, I’d love to hear others thoughts on the story!

Happy Reading! 🙂

The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon Review #2

Sorry for disappearing yet again! The last 2-3 weeks I have been sick with the flu and then a nasty head cold that I just can’t  seem to kick!

Anyways I have been buried up to my ears in books and for the most part none of them really struck me as worth writing about.

However, I did read The Bone Season for the second time and it was just as good as the first. Usually reading a traditional, physical copy of the book takes me longer than an ebook only because I can’t always sit down and get lost in it like I can an ebook. 🙂 I got throught a physical copy in TWO days!!!

For those that haven’t read the book yet. It is about a girl who is violently brought into the world of “unnaturalness”. Meaning she can experience things normal human beings can’t. And it’s people like her that the “naturals” were taught to fear. Well, working as a criminal to avoid exposure and then possibly death, Paige is what they consider a precious jewel…her gift is one that is rare and treasured by the Lord’s of the crime world. When she looses control of her gift in a moment of fear her world gets quickly turned inside out as she is taken to a place that nobody knew existed.

As the story unravels and we get to delve deeper into this fantastically spun world, we get to know Paige, the Warden and all surrounding characters better. I was particularly interested in The Warden and his story, being a beaten down hero.

I read a lot of reviews complaining about information dropping, and I have to disagree. Looking at the bigger picture as a whole and it’s even explained at one point. The Warden is making her see her memories so he can understand her better. Leading up to the end of the story when it all comes together.

I ultimately enjoyed this book, I read it twice and would happily read it again. I encourage anybody who hasn’t read it to check it out! I have yet to purchase the second book and I can not wait to do so! I’m thrilled that it is available now and can’t wait to read it! For now I will settle with reading Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn and you can be sure to expect a review on that as well!

If there is any books you would like to see me reviewed let me know!

Happy Reading!

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

I decided to kick the new year off with a novel turned movie, The Fault in Our Stars! I watched the movie before I had the pleasure of reading the novel and I am actually glad that I watched the movie first and here is why…I was able to picture the actors in the novel and with the exception of Mr. Van Houten, the characters fit really well. I say Mr. Van Houten was an exception because in the book he is portrayed as a rather large man, in the movie he is not. The movie actors matching really well with the novel made reading it that much more interesting I think.

I flew through the book within a matter of days, it would have been done sooner if not for having children to run after and house work to maintain. After reading this book, which left me very much teary eyed. (I think it’s harder to portray the emotions needed in a book than in a movie), I looked at all 3 of my children and just prayed that they would never be faced with an ordeal like that. Cancer is in the family so it is always a concern for me.

I know this review is on the disorganized side but it is morning and my coffee has been given over to the coffee table to please bear with me! I’m sure everybody has probably at least seen the movie by now or read the book. For those that have not this story is about a teenage girl that is terminally ill, trying to go about her life as normal as possible attached to an oxygen tank, she meets a boy who quickly becomes her first real love. With him, her life picks up from her boring everyday routine to experiencing something new. Only it slowly comes to an end when her boyfriend, who was in remission, experiences a relapse that leaves him, also terminally ill. The end is bitter sweet and promises to leave you in a “puddle of tears” to quote Hazel at the end.

I highly recommend this book to everybody as it truly is great. I will most likely be reading it again.

HAPPY READING! And I hope everybody had a wonderful New Years!

Prophase: A Present Tale by M. Street

A story about a typical teenage girl. Young love, finding oneself and trying to imagine what the future will hold. Only Piper, she is about to discover she has a whole lot of self discovery left to go, hundreds of years of it! From discovering that she can do weird magical things to realizing her mom is alive to finding her soul mate, M. Street takes her on one heck of a journey infused with excitement and danger.

The story was a bit slow taking off but the characters, as many as there are, were very well developed. I would have to say Esther, Piper’s mom, was my favorite. She was described as a sweet old lady in the beginning but as Piper’s story unfolds so does Esther’s character. The most unlikable character for me was Chris. Piper’s ex-boyfriend, he was your typical high school jerk wanting “space” but then seeing Piper transform as her powers blossomed, she became something he had to have. A prize, a possession if you will.

As Piper’s story continues to unravel, she meets more people of her kind and embraces everything that is thrown at her, Her world is a world aligned with nature, There was so much going on once the story picked up it was hard to stop reading. Especially when Piper meets somebody that she just can’t seem to keep her eyes off of. Dev, a supposed college student, has Piper’s heart beating fast and all high school love is out the window. However, Dev is not who he says he is and i don’t want to give it away because it is the best part, in my opinion but the twist is good! I promise!

All of this gives Piper’s home life a boost, an abusive father and a brother who she loves dearly and only wants to protect find themselves on the back burner as Piper is over come with wanting to completely immerse herself into the world she was meant to be in. As she comes into her gifts Piper tries to protect her brother more from her father and in the end she has to protect them both or risk losing them.

This is a book I would happily read again and again. I recommend it to all science-fiction lovers out there as this was a well put together novel. Especially with it’s connection to science and spirituality. And honestly I am kind of hoping they make a movie out of this as I think all the special effects that would be involved would just be amazing!

This is the first installment of The Mitosis Series and I can not wait to read the second installment!

As always Happy Reading!!